Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale
International Union of Radio Science
Kleinheubacher Tagung 2019
U.R.S.I. Landesausschuss in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.
Miltenberg | 23.–25.09.2019

Guidelines for speakers

For the Kleinheubacher Tagung 2019, the central contact point (registration, information, etc.) will be the Altes Rathaus Miltenberg (old town hall of Miltenberg), Hauptstr. 137, 63897 Miltenberg.

Presentations will be held in parallel sessions in the Altes Rathaus Miltenberg (second floor, main hall) and in the hotel "Brauerei Keller", Hauptstr. 66-70, 63897 Miltenberg. Coffee breaks will be held in the entrance hall of the Altes Rathaus, and there is a room available on the second floor for smaller sessions.

There are video projectors with VGA connectors available in the presentation rooms in Altes Rathaus and "Brauerei Keller". Presentations can be run from the speakers’ own laptops, etc., or from the laptops that are available in the rooms themselves; Microsoft PowerPoint presentation ppt files or PDF presentations can be transferred to these laptops using a CD, DVD, or USB stick. In order to ensure that there are no problems with the presentation and to avoid any compatibility issues, we recommend embedding the fonts and saving the presentation as a PDF as well as a ppt file.

Speakers are asked to arrive early before their presentations in order to allow sufficient time to transfer their files to the venue's laptop or to set up the speakers' own laptops, etc., and ensure the presentation can be displayed correctly. There will be someone on hand in each of the two conferences rooms in order to assist with these technical aspects. Speakers are asked to find their chairperson and make contact with them before the session.